Thursday, December 24, 2015

Running - An Unusual Way to Prepare for Christmas?

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Yesterday morning, I woke up to a cloudless blue sky and sunshine. So, I decided to seize the day and go for a run. I ran around a small lake near where I live and it was beautiful. The sunshine glinting on the surface of the lake, dappled light coming through the canopy of trees overhead, the beauty of evergreen trees and even bare branches on other trees. It was like a foretaste of spring. Such a lovely reminder straight after the shortest day of the year!

When I got home, I felt alive and energized but also relaxed. If you're feeling stressed about Christmas or just want to do something different, why not go out for a pre-Christmas run (or a run between Christmas and New Year)? It's something positive you can do that's free of charge and will help you feel good.

By the way, I'm so glad I went running yesterday. It's raining heavily today :)

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