Thursday, December 24, 2015

You Have Enough for Christmas!

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A couple of days ago, when I was in the supermarket, I was overtaken by the pre-Christmas buying panic. Everyone was rushing around the supermarket and loading mountains of food and drink into their shopping carts. I began to think: "We don't have enough to eat and drink!" "We don't have enough to last until the shops open again!" and then I began to put more and more items in my shopping cart, too.

When I got home and looked at all the stuff I'd bought, I realized that we do have enough. More than enough, in fact. I realized that I was overtaken by the panic that seems to be widespread just before Christmas. We wonder if we've bought enough presents, enough food and drink, etc, so we carry on and on, shopping and spending.

It's not necessary. We need to set ourselves limits in terms of our budget. I went very slightly overbudget on my spending on Christmas presents this year (about £5 overbudget)...and I spent £12 more than I intended to on my last grocery shop before Christmas. If I'd been more careful and thoughtful and not got carried away by the Christmas panic, I could have saved that £12 and perhaps even more.

So, believe that you have enough for Christmas. Look at it from the point of view of abundance rather than lack. If we look at things from the point of view of lack, we'll never have enough even if we have more than the vast majority of people in the world.

If, however, we look at it from the point of view of abundance, we will be thankful for everything we have and that joy will permeate every aspect of our Christmas.

Hope you all have a wonderful, abundant, and joyful Christmas wherever you are and whatever you're doing!

Running - An Unusual Way to Prepare for Christmas?

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Yesterday morning, I woke up to a cloudless blue sky and sunshine. So, I decided to seize the day and go for a run. I ran around a small lake near where I live and it was beautiful. The sunshine glinting on the surface of the lake, dappled light coming through the canopy of trees overhead, the beauty of evergreen trees and even bare branches on other trees. It was like a foretaste of spring. Such a lovely reminder straight after the shortest day of the year!

When I got home, I felt alive and energized but also relaxed. If you're feeling stressed about Christmas or just want to do something different, why not go out for a pre-Christmas run (or a run between Christmas and New Year)? It's something positive you can do that's free of charge and will help you feel good.

By the way, I'm so glad I went running yesterday. It's raining heavily today :)

Monday, December 21, 2015

To Do List for the Week Before Christmas

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It's less than four days before Christmas! Here's my to-do list for the next few days:

  • Post remaining Christmas cards today (it's the last posting day to ensure delivery before Christmas in the UK for first class post). - DONE!
  • Return library books and choose some more to borrow over the Christmas holiday. - DONE!
  • Buy the last few presents for my children. - DONE!
  • Check to see if I'll have enough wrapping paper and sellotape. If not, I'll need to buy some more.- DONE!
  • Wrap presents for immediate family (I've already wrapped and sent the others). - Need to finish today (Christmas Eve).
  • Do the final Christmas grocery shop, remembering to buy such things as foil, washing up liquid, and long life milk so we don't run out while the shops are shut! - DONE!
  • Buy ingredients for a Christmas roulade my daughter and I are baking.- DONE!
  • Donate a bag of items we no longer want or need to the charity shop (thrift store). - DONE!
  • Take glass jars and bottles to the glass recycling bank. - DONE!
I feel like I've been quite well organized this year, but, as you can see, there are still several things to do before the big day arrives!

What's still on your Christmas to-do list?

Friday, December 11, 2015

Half-Price eBook on Planning a Happy Family Christmas Without Going Into Debt - One Day Only!

Do you need a little help with planning a fun, family Christmas without spending a fortune? With less than 2 weeks to go until Christmas Day, it's normal for stress levels to rise, especially amongst hard-working mums!

That's why I've halved the price of my eBook, 'Spend Less Enjoy Christmas More' on to just 99p for 24 hours only from 8am GMT on Sunday 13th December until 8am GMT on Monday 14th December. Sunday is the ideal time to slow down a little, read, and plan for the next ten days before Christmas.

If you've subscribed to Kindleunlimited, you get the eBook for free.

I hope my eBook inspires you to spend less money and enjoy Christmas more than ever. I'd love to know what you think of it. Please leave a comment here or write a review on Amazon.

Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 Ways to Show You Care This Christmas

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Christmas isn't just about giving and receiving presents and eating and drinking to excess. It's also about showing care and concern for others. Here are five ways to show you care this Christmas.

Offer Your Help

Does someone you know need help either in the run-up to Christmas or during the holiday? If so, offer your assistance. Perhaps a single parent you know would like you to babysit while he or she goes Christmas shopping or to a Christmas party. Perhaps an elderly neighbor would be grateful if you did their grocery shopping during snowy or icy weather. Look around you and see where you can offer your help to others this Christmas.


Many charities are looking for extra volunteers at Christmas. In particular, homeless charities and charities for the elderly need help with preparing and serving Christmas meals. Even if you have just a few hours to spare, your help could make a difference in someone's life this Christmas by showing them that you care.


If you're unable to volunteer, you can still donate to the charities of your choice. Many charities have special Christmas appeals. As well as money, you can donate gifts or food. The Salvation Army in the UK, for example, is looking for Christmas gifts for children and adults that it can distribute to people in need in your local area. When doing your Christmas grocery shopping, buy a little extra and donate it to your local food bank. It could help a local family to enjoy Christmas despite their financial difficulties.

Send a Christmas Card

Send a Christmas card with a cheery personal note to someone you know is going through a tough time. It will make their day! Reconnect with someone you haven't heard from in a long time by sending them a Christmas card. Show friends and relatives living overseas that you are still thinking of them by sending a card.

Give Christmas cards to tradespeople and small business owners to show your continuing support for their businesses. If possible, deliver the cards personally so that you can have a friendly chat at the same time.

Give Personalized Vouchers or Pledges

Vouchers or pledges give the recipient various gifts involving your time and attention on a date of their choice. Make your own personalized vouchers or print them using templates found online.

You could, for example, give a voucher for breakfast in bed to your partner, a pledge promising a sleepover to your child, or a voucher for a home-cooked meal to your friend. Be inventive and see what you can come up with.

Make a Difference by Showing You Care

Look past the commercialization of Christmas and look for ways to show other people you care this year. Gifts of your time and help will be gratefully received and you may even make a huge difference to another person's life this Christmas, if you show them that someone cares.

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