Thursday, October 8, 2015

4 Reasons to Shop at Local Craft Fairs in the Run-Up to Christmas

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Many fairly small local craft fairs are held in the run-up to Christmas. They are good places to shop for Christmas gifts, decorations, cards and other items for several reasons.

Find Unique, Handcrafted Gifts

At local craft fairs, you'll find unique, handcrafted gifts. Look carefully and you'll find items that certain people will love. For example, if your nephew loves Thomas the Tank Engine, you might find a quilted blanket or a hand-knitted sweater with a Thomas the Tank Engine design.

You can be sure that no one else will give the same gift because you're buying an original item that's one of a kind.

Support Small Local Businesses and Charities

If you buy from sellers at craft fairs, you can be sure that you're supporting small local businesses. Charities also sometimes sell donated items at craft fairs. You can be sure that the money you spend will go towards a good cause that benefits local people.

Save Money

Although some items at craft fairs can be quite expensive, many other items are not. Most of the craftspeople make goods at home so they don't have the high overheads and expenses of larger businesses. This means that they can sell their products at reasonable prices. You'll find that many sellers have a range of prices that suit most budgets. 

Have a Fun Time at a Community Event!

You never know what you'll find at a craft fair, so go with a sense of anticipation and have fun. See what's on offer at every stall before deciding what you'll buy. Many craft fairs also sell freshly baked cakes, hot drinks and other refreshments, so why not enjoy these whilst chatting to other people who live in your local area? It's a good way of feeling part of your local community.

So, look in your local newspaper and find out when and where craft fairs are being held in the run-up to Christmas. Go to a few and see what you find. It might be more than you expected!

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